Momlette – King of brunch

Crafting a digital experience to match a brunch restaurant's breakfast magic

Company Location

London, UK


Food, Hospitality

Services Provided

Brand Communication, Brand Strategy, Identity Creation, UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Web Development

A restaurant that redefines breakfast

Momlette is a brunch restaurant that celebrates the joy of breakfast with a fresh and exciting approach, cooking irresistible dishes that break away from the traditional morning fare.

The challenge

Since day one, Momlette has aimed to be more than just your typical breakfast spot. 

Inside their restaurants, they embody this extraordinary mindset every day, but digitally? 

They needed a serious upgrade to convey their unique breakfast experience to the world. 

This called for a total transformation of their branding and website, so they could proudly showcase how they do breakfast differently.

Elevating Momlette’s online presence

To amp up Momlette’s visibility and buzz, we whipped up an exciting plan to revamp their branding and website, making sure their online vibe matched up to the incredible food and service they served up daily.

Building their brand identity

We kicked things off by fine-tuning Momlette’s branding strategy, giving their presentation a fresh new vibe. 

This included refining their message, tone of voice, colour palette, and logo design. 

Our aim? To ensure Momlette’s brand truly captures the essence of their mouthwatering dishes and welcoming ambiance. 

By enhancing these elements, we crafted a lively and enticing look that resonates beautifully with their customers.

Animating their website

Next, we took it up a notch by using our vibrant brand colours, to spice up their website, incorporating engaging animations to add that much needed flair.

The fresh design is all about highlighting Momlette’s energy, creating a playful and all round visually captivating experience for every visitor.

These enhancements enabled Momlette to communicate its distinct qualities more effectively to a broader audience, boosting its visibility and forging stronger connections to both loyal customers and curious foodies. 

Now, Momlette is ready to make a lasting impression online.