Culture matters, a lot. Welcome to ours.

Team of Verge staff sitting around a table

You know what really matters in life? It's when people join forces to support each other, showing unity and genuine care for one another. That's the real deal.

And that's exactly why we pour our hearts into these causes. We choose to prioritise initiatives that directly benefit amazing communities. We believe that by focusing on them, we're making a true impact and contributing to what truly counts in this crazy journey called life.

We’re here to do bold creative work that has a genuine impact and drives change for good.

Creativity, to make a difference.

“We don't settle for the conventional. We encourage our awesome team to push beyond the verge of what they think is possible and go after ambitious goals.”

Image of Sajad Mahmood, Creative Director
Sajad Mahmood
Creative Director


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Our senior

Huzaifah Jeewa, Founder & Technical Director at Verge

Huzaifah Jeewa

Founder & Technical Director
Sajad Mahmood, Creative Director at Verge

Sajad Mahmood

Creative Director

Our mission


Yara Abdel Samad

Head of Delivery
Hannah Smith, Head of Communications at Verge

Hannah Smith

Head of Communications


Safa Abdul Karim

Marketing Executive


Amnah Bibi

Marketing Executive


Liam Cope



Sadia Waseem

Content Creator


Jay Ali

Head of Creative
Ellie Crewe, Graphic Designer at Verge

Ellie Crewe

Graphic Designer


Yohannes Mulugeta

Graphic Designer


Bella Vardgesyan

User Experience Designer


Omair Saleh

Head of Engineering


Eko Saputra

Full-stack Developer
John Li, Front-end Developer at Verge

John Li

Front-end Developer
Luke Goule, Back-end Developer at Verge

Luke Goule

Back-end Developer
Mehdi Rahmoun, Back-end Developer at Verge

Mehdi Rahmoun

Back-end Developer


Nadhia Khan

Client Relations

“We’re a lot like you! Our values are at the core of everything we do. We're not just your agency, we're your partners."

Image of Hannah Smith, Head of Communications
Hannah Smith
Head of Communications

We collaborate

We're not just your agency, we're your partners. We're all ears for your ideas and feedback because together we're unstoppable.

We think big

We don't settle for the conventional. We encourage our awesome team to push the boundaries, think big, and go after ambitious goals.

We have fun

We’re all about laughter. We firmly believe that when we have fun, we are more productive, collaborative, and energised to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

We deliver

We always walk the talk and we make sure to deliver, no ifs or buts. We do what we say we'll do, and if we had a tin, we'd do what was on it.